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 Posted: Mon Feb 25th, 2013 11:52 am
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I've got very mixed feelings on whether secession was legal or not. I've heard southerners gripe about it and they make some good points. But the Constitution is an agreement that we are all in this together. America would never have become as strong as it has without the South. My closest ancestors were all Union Army vets so basically that is why I view it as being illegal.

Lincoln would never ever have allowed the south to go peacefully. Without Ft Sumter he would have tried peaceful means to bring them back. But there were a lot of US Government properties in the south. Any one of those could have become a Ft Sumter. Ft Sumter gave him no options other than raising an army to restore order.

There really was no reason for the south to secede over Lincoln's election. It was one of the dumbest political moves in my opinion. He had no intention of destroying the Southern slave owners power. He hadn't made any statements concerning their destruction. Just a total miscalculation by them. The fire-eaters ran the show in 1860-61 and brought it all on.

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