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 Posted: Tue Feb 26th, 2013 01:16 am
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Thank you Texas Defender! for points well made.

Yes, Your facts show that slavery was increasing in the US. My comment was based on the word “world” in Davis’s ancestor’s statement "(Slavery) was the standard of the day — it's the way the world was." The world leaders, England and France had both outlawed slavery by the time of the Civil War in acts that began at the time of the French revolution. Davis grew up in a society based on slavery, but that society was standing apart from the most civilized of the nations. Davis would have known that.

I agree that slavery existed because it made money for slave holders. Its always about the money isn’t it? Yes, treatment of workers in Northern factories was appalling with women and children working horrendous hours in dangerous conditions. I have seen what some of those factories were like. However, those that worked in factories were still free and paid wages for their work. Working in terrible conditions in a factory was different than slavery. In factories, workers could leave. In slavery, slaves could not. As is evidenced by those who attempted escape, freedom was very important to those enslaved.

While your facts are valid, I stand-by the essence of my point. Saying that slavery was “the way the world was” is a rationalization of Davis’s beliefs.

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