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 Posted: Tue Feb 26th, 2013 01:43 pm
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You started this discussion lamenting “Far fewer historians have studied the life of Jefferson Davis than have studied that of Abraham Lincoln. Unlike Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Davis was never President of the United States, and was on the losing side of the Civil War.”

Davis not only was on a losing side of a war he was on the losing side of a bad idea. Yes, it is true that he was a product of his time and of the culture he grew up in. Equality among the races was not a popular idea, north or south. But others were able to see slavery for what it was, and many took great personal risk in acting on their beliefs.

Lincoln is studied because his achievements were remarkable – and his impact timeless. He was on the edge of the future, rather than clinging to the past.

Ironically. Davis’s most remarkable and timeless achievement was in making Lincolns achievements possible. He gave the order to fire on Ft Sumter to unite the south, and also united the north and gave Lincoln the war powers he needed. In successfully fighting the war through 1862, he gave Lincoln a reason to emancipate slaves and thus hastened slavery’s demise.

Nice discussion, I think I have beat this one to death. You can have the last word.

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