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 Posted: Tue Dec 5th, 2006 06:17 am
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Doc, Widow, Dave:

Thanks for getting the discussion moving. I've been cooling my heels. To me,  "lost causer" is fightin' words to be applied only to someone who's scholarship is limited to "discovering"  snippets of quotes that prove that the north intentionally started to war to subjugate the south so it could continue to grow rich off the planter's sweat.

That the Lost Cause was basically a 2-stage movement is mostly correct. It started with Early and his attept to depict Lee as a saint -- therefore, the loss must have been someone else's fault. That just naturally evolved into a festival of excuses usually centering around showing that the South was cruelly victimized. This was accomplished through the likes of Pollard, the organization started by Early to continue spreading the word (I want to say the Southern Historical Society, but I'm sure that's not it.), and several other notables joining the movement.

The movement gained quite a bit of scholastic support and continued until the 1920s and 30s with the help of such organizations as the UDC, at which time historians started getting into historical fact as opposed to feeding the children stories.

It is alive and well, although more and more posters are showing up looking for historical fact -- probably coinciding with the immense amount of information made accessible via this infernal machine. You can immediately identify the "Lost Causer" by his or her insistence that the peculiar institution had nothing to do with the late unpleasantness -- it was the tariffs, or state rights, or New England slave ships.


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