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 Posted: Fri Mar 1st, 2013 04:33 am
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Johan Steele-

  To the charge that Mr. Davis was too trusting of his friends, we are in total agreement. I have said as much earlier on this thread.

  My: "Charge" that you cited did not say that you would punish every Confederate. I certainly wasn't including common soldiers. I am a bit surprised to hear that you have a positive view of some high ranking CSA officers. In addition, I am surprised that the list includes JEJ and James Longstreet, who were formerly U.S. officers.

  I remember a thread about General Thomas where you claimed that: "There is no end date" to an oath of office that an officer takes. I maintained that the oath of office only applies to the time that the office is held. As long as the officer faithfully performed his duties while in office, he had every right to resign his commission (And join the CSA if that was his choice).

  I certainly see a great contrast between the behavior of Robert E. Lee and that of David Twiggs (Who I presume you are referring to in your last posting). But as long as you are allowing for a U.S. officer to honorably resign, then join the CSA and fight against the U.S. Government without it being: "Treason", then perhaps our positions aren't too far apart.

  As for your charge that Mr. Davis wanted to be President of the CSA, I invited you to present proof that that was his wish, but none was given. Indeed, I know of nothing in the writings of Mr. Davis that indicated that desire. I know of nothing in the writings of any that knew him that maintained that he had expressed that desire.

  I also do not believe that Mr. Davis was part of a plot to: "Throw" the 1860 Election by splitting the Democrat party. In fact, Mr. Davis approached ex-President Franklin Pierce and asked him to seek the nomination because he was acceptable to both factions. But Mr. Pierce had no desire to do so.

  I also do not believe that there was some grand conspiracy starting in 1856 to: "Set up" secession and the war that would probably result from it. However, I am willing to examine any evidence you might have to that effect (Beyond what you: "Firmly believe").

  I might be guilty of being: "Hugely proud" of U.S. History in general. (Though there is much of it to not be proud of). For example, I am proud of the Founding Fathers, who I believe conceived a masterpiece in the U.S. Constitution, and began what I consider to be the best system of government yet devised (Even with all its imperfections).

  Obviously, I know the Founding Fathers only from studying them. But I am also proud of the World War II generation, and in their case I knew a great number of them personally. That does not mean that the individuals in these two groups did not have their flaws, just as all human beings do. But as a group both were exceptional.

  One thing we agree on is that there have always been corrupt humans. They are, I fear, the rule rather than the exception. We are also of a like mind, I believe, in having a cynical view of politicians in general. I have been around for a long time, having seen most of the 20th Century. I have seen many corrupt politicians, but I have to say that those running the show now disgust me more than any that I have seen before. So I am less and less: "Hugely proud" as time passes.

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