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 Posted: Mon Mar 4th, 2013 10:43 pm
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Johan Steele-

  It seems that we agree that if an officer resigns honorably and goes home, that he has not performed a treasonous act, even if he later joins the other side. As I have said elsewhere in this forum, I admire both General Lee and General Thomas though, as Virginians, they made opposite decisions as to which entity their highest loyalty was to.

  I'm not sure what would have happened if Mr. Fremont had been elected in 1856. I really don't see how that could have happened. It would have been a different country if the first Republican candidate had been able to win. I think that the pot had to: "Cook" for a few more years before the lid came off.

  We still don't agree on the idea that Mr. Davis sought the presidency of the CSA. If there were backroom dealings going on, I don't think that he was a participant. (Just as Mr. Lincoln avoided taking part directly in the 1860 Republican Convention). This difference is, of course, that everyone knew that Mr. Lincoln wanted to be President (Almost as much as his wife wanted him to be).

  It took Mr. Davis a number of years before he made the decision to write about the rise and fall of the CSA. Publicly, at least, he kept out of the postwar uproar over Reconstruction and other issues. By 1881, when he completed his work, he was in his 70s and in poor health, so it might not have happened except for the fact that he was greatly encouraged and assisted by Mrs. Dorsey (And a few others), and he also had a strong desire to tell his side of the story.

  As for Mr. Davis' military abilities, I think that he could have ably commanded a division. More than that I'm not too confident, but when the shooting starts, some people just step up. Davis certainly did when he commanded a regiment in Mexico. At any rate, we'll never know.

  As for the World War II generation, I also would consider that their one negative aspect was that they were too permissive as parents. But that is understandable since they went through the hardships of the Depression and then World War II, and wanted a kindler, gentler, world for their children. Sadly, they didn't get one.

  I agree that by our present standards, the majority culture in this country mistreated the minority cultures. But I think that it wasn't much different in that regard from other countries that developed out of: "Western Civilization" in those times.

  We are both cynical about the citizenry of this country, and with good reasons, I believe. However, I, too, can't think of another country where I would prefer to live. Within the country, I chose long ago which state I believe is the best for me to live in. However, as people move here in great numbers, there is more and more pressure building as some try to make this place more like other places.

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