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 Posted: Tue Dec 5th, 2006 07:25 am
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Patty such a great posting.  I agree with most of what you wrote.  I have changed my attitude toward the CBF as I learn more about the Civil War.  Also as I learn about my family .  One side as I have said before supported the South, the other side the North.  I respect and honor both sets of ancestors. 

A friend and I were discussing some of these issues tonight over the phone.  I was telling her that one of the activities that the UDC ask of their members is to show the flag .  I  have joined both the UDC and the Union Daughters.   I was saying to her I might hang a bonnie blue flag or The first Confederate flag along with the American Flag at my house but I don't know if I could fly the Battle Flag.   The reason being I would not be able to individually explain to people what it meant .  I am in Southern California .  So far I have not hung any flags.  

It was interesting at a conference I attended last month at the Huntington Library one of the presenters  discussed the Lost Cause in most of the movies made about the Civil War starting with Birth of a Nation all the way to Gettysburg and Gods and Generals. 

I especially liked what you said about not our right to decide who can and can't express an opinion that disagrees with our own.  That has been my motto most of my life.  You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine.  But that doesn't stop us from being friends.  Amazes me when others disagree with that.  Oh well that is their right. 

Oh dear I think I am rambling .  I hope some of this made sense.  

On another note since you are from the West even with 40 years in Virginia Ed Bearss spoke at the other conference I went to recently.  He said He is neither a Southerner or a Yankee .  He is a Westerner. He was born in Montana.  I think that is true those of us from the West are neither one or the other we are the third option A Westerner. 


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