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 Posted: Sat Mar 16th, 2013 02:34 pm
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From my readings, I have never found a scintilla of evidence that Lincoln drank liquor, wine at dinner or otherwise.  Temperance people would frequently visit the White House, of which Lincoln was a member.  The only liquor that touched his lips was the touch of brandy put on his lips in an attempt to revive him after being shot.   Lincoln did not wear temperance on his sleeve, just never found liquor to be anything he desired or drank.  Could the poster above who believed Lincoln drank wine at state dinners supply a source?

On Grant, here is a good book:   Grant's Final Victory.  It is about the last year of his life and his attempt to write his memoirs to obtain money for his soon to be widow wife.  Enjoyable read. 

Grant had many southern friends, Buckner, Longstreet, Johnston, among others.  Was not that great a president, by his own admission, but salvaged the mess left behind by Johnson.  There are over 1000 books on Grant alone...alot to choose from.  Nothing new on the horizon, but as 2015 and Appomattox anniversary arrives, we may get a new book.

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