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 Posted: Tue Mar 26th, 2013 03:16 pm
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  I'm afraid that I can only give you a partial answer to your question about who the three attendees were at the last reunion of the UCV in Norfolk, VA from 30 May 1951 to 01 June 1951.

  I have seen evidence that one attendee was William J. Bush (1845-1952) of Georgia.

William Joshua Bush (1845 - 1952) - Find A Grave Memorial

  I have seen evidence that another attendee was John B. Salling (1846 ?-1958) of Virginia. His claim to have been a CSA soldier is now highly doubtful, and it is thought that he was actually born in 1856.

John Salling (1846 - 1958) - Find A Grave Memorial

  The third man's identity I haven't yet been able to determine.  (NOTE: See EDITING at the bottom of the page). There are a few candidates that could possibly have been the one. Some are listed below.

  There is Thomas Riddle (1846 ?- 1954) of Tennessee and then Texas.

Thomas Evans Riddle (1846 - 1954) - Find A Grave Memorial

  There is Willam Lundy (1848 ?- 1957) of Alabama and then Florida.

William Lundy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  There is Pleasant R. Crump (1847-1951) of Alabama.

 Pleasant Riggs Crump (1847 - 1951) - Find A Grave Memorial

Pleasant Crump - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  Mr. Crump is the last CSA veteran whose veracity is universally accepted. He was present at the surrender of General Lee's army at Appomattox Courthouse in April of 1865. Interestingly, he died on the last day of 1951 in Lincoln, Alabama.

Last surviving Confederate veterans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  The third attendee might even have been Walter Washington Williams (1842? -1959) of Mississippi and later Texas. For a time, he was accepted as being the last surviving Civil War soldier. But nowadays he is considered to have definately been debunked, and it is believed that he was born more than a decade later than the 1842 date that he claimed.

Walter Washington Williams ( - 1959) - Find A Grave Memorial

  EDITING: The source below indicates that the SCV identifies the third attendee as none other than Walter Washington Williams.

Last U.S. war veterans: Ordinary men in extraordinary times - Pittsburgh Post-

  So, the three attendees were Bush, Salling, and Williams. I'll leave the info on Riddle, Lundy, and Crump on this posting rather than editing it out, since they were also interesting characters.

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