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 Posted: Sat Mar 30th, 2013 03:12 am
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  As you noted, Robert E. Lee and George H. Thomas were Virginians who made opposite choices about which entity their highest loyalty was to. As a result of their choices, both paid a heavy price. (They would have no matter which choice they made).

  George H. Thomas was from Southampton County and was a slaveholder. During the Nat Turner slave uprising in 1831, Thomas and his family had to run for their lives. Thirty years later, his relatives expected him to resign from the U.S. Army and serve the CSA. When he did not do so, he became estranged from his brothers and sisters. His sisters turned his picture to the wall. After the war, they refused any assistance from him. They never reconciled with him.

  So- did General Thomas make the: "Right" choice? Did General Lee? How can there be a right or a wrong decision? Each man had to make a terrible choice, knowing that there would be severe consequences. Each could only follow the dictates of his conscience.

  I can only feel sympathy for both men and be grateful that I have never been put in such a situation.

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