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 Posted: Wed Apr 3rd, 2013 06:06 pm
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Double Canister wrote:
Lee beat Mac. He did not beat Grant.

Technically Lee did beat Grant even though he surrendered to Grant. If you look at it Lee and Grant actually are involved in fourteen battles against each other. Lee claims victory in nine of those, Grant only in five. But remember that Grant had more men than Lee along with more weapons and ammunition. And Grant knew not only that but that he also had access to more of all three and Lee didn't so he could afford to loose them more than Lee could.

Grant fought a war of attrition, McClellan didn't. McClellan tended to be more cautious, even in victory he tended to pull back and rest while he planned what to do next. Which too often meant over estimating the strength of the forces he was to engage and thus he moved overly cautiously which meant the forces he was to engage could escape, could be reinforced, or had time to dig in. I could see Lee rather facing off against someone who would give him time to recover between battles and time to dig in rather than someone who would fight a war of attrition.

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