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 Posted: Tue Dec 5th, 2006 05:02 pm
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Your sentiments absolutely do make sense to me. I have a deep interest in both sides of the Civil War because I grew up near the Gettysburg Battlefield and have a great atachment to it. But I also lived in the Nashville area several years and Florida many years, so I have am also very interested in the Southern perspective.

There are military leaders on both sides that I find fascinating.  I also find that I most enjoy reading about the Western Theater of operations.  But it is all an amazing part of our history.

Whoops! I forgot to answer your question about where you can find the photograph I mentioned. I have seen it in a few places, but the one that is in front of me right now is in "The Confederacy's Last Hurrah:Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville" by Wiley Sword. The page isn't numbered but the center of the book has a section of photographs of  both Union and Confederate officers,  some places where the battles raged and Nashville at that time.

The officers are each interesting. I just love the photo of Confederate Brigadier General Hiram Granbury who, like Cleburne, was killed at Franklin. If "they" make a movie of this battle Johnny Depp simply must play Granbury's role. 

Also a tragic figure is here too. Confederate General Thomas B SMith, who was hit on the head by a sword causing him such injury (brain damage?) that he spent the  next forty-seven years of his life incarcerated at the Tennessee Stae Hospital for the Insane!!  So very sad! 

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