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 Posted: Wed Apr 10th, 2013 12:49 am
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Javal - It has been a great run and I am one of the lucky ones to have been with you almost all the way (I still have a printed copy of "Charge of Lances" when you presented a weekly novel in the early days). I don't know if you and Laurie really realize what you have done for many of us over the years. I told you often that I always considered you one of my best history teachers. The Trivia was great in its hey-day and we all learned a lot by it and had fun at the same time. More than that however is the fact that you allowed many of us to become friends and the early days of the Muster (owing much to MAP and GenP) would not have been possible without CWi. The best of luck to the both of you where ever life takes you and always remember you have friends out here. Thanks again for all of your service and thanks for allowing many of us to meet some really fantastic people in the world of history.  

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