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 Posted: Wed Dec 6th, 2006 03:51 am
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Yes, Jenny Lake, and Leigh Lake at the very foot of Mount Moran.  I think I saw the same cow moose that you did.  In 1964, that is.  Dad and I went canoe camping on Leigh Lake, then up to West Thumb in on Yellowstone Lake for 3 days of trout fishing.

There are many beautiful places in Wyoming - heck, all of Wyoming is beautiful, in my eyes as well as yours.  But they're not garden spots with lots of lush green grass and full trees.  Most places it's hard even to grow flowers, what with the wind and short season.

I left Wyoming because there was no future for me there - international affairs.  My brother did too.  Not because we didn't like it, but our careers were elsewhere.  We still love our home state and are grateful we had a chance to grow up there.


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