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 Posted: Fri Apr 19th, 2013 05:40 pm
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Not sure this helps, but in researching a maine soldier at the National Archives I came across papers which show that this soldier reenlisted as a "Veteran Volunteer". In December 1863 substantial bounties were being offered to induce veterans to reenlist. In the papers I viewed, this soldier was first discharged or 'mustered out" of the Fifth Maine, which I believe means that he was released from his original enlistment which was for three years ending May 1864. On the same day he mustered into the "Veteran Volunteers" and reenlisted for an additional 3 years - from December 1863 . This man stayed in the same regiment - nothing actually changed. The soldiers that enlisted early in the war liked to use "Volunteer" in the name of the regiment to differentiate themselves form units that were formed largely of draftees. Perhaps the OVVI designation means that this veteran took pride not only enlisting once, but reenlisting. I bet there was no 47 OVVI, just a 47th OVI.

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