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 Posted: Wed Apr 24th, 2013 03:59 pm
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Hood's left arm was wounded at Gettysburg and rendered useless for the rest of his life. I'd assume this would mean he'd loose the use of his left hand as well. And according to this site,, Hood was forced to carry the left arm in a sling for the rest of his life. Now that doesn't Hood couldn't have had photos taken without a sling in them, but the thing that get's me looking at the photo is Hood's left hand. Unless left and right were flipped when put on the cover (I'll get to that in a minute) his left hand is on our right. But he's clearly grasping the left crutch in his left hand. In fact look at both hands, both are grasping the crutches so even if the photo had been flipped the left hand would still be grasping a crutch. If he lost use of his left hand he shouldn't be able to grasp a crutch. That would have to suggest three options to me.
  1. A
  2. posing by the photographer of the day (and possibly having to tie the left hand to the crutch so it couldn't slip off)
  3. T
  4. his maybe represented him recovering from a possible earlier injury (and I don't believe he was wounded before Gettysburg, though I could be wrong)
  5. P
  6. hotoshoping

Again I am assuming he lost the use of his left hand when he lost the use of his left arm.

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