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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2013 02:19 am
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At that time, TD. Since then look at some of what has happened. You have folks declaring who all the war criminals were. And the irony I find is that they only want the members of the Axis and Americans to be the only war criminals of the war while overlooking any crimes committed by soldiers from other Allied nations. Looting for example, look at all the souvenirs American soldiers brought home during and after the war. Not just battlefield souvenirs but things taken from folks houses. We know members of the Axis nations did this and they have been accused of this crime. And we know Americans were doing it and folks today accuse Americans of it (and if caught be the right individual soldiers could get accused of it during the war though they wouldn't have beencalled war criminals for it). Americans also get accused for rape, murder, and just about anything else Axis war crimnals were accused of at that time. Yet those saying this want to ignore that soldiers from other Allied nations were just as guilty.

It disturbes me that there seem to be so many today who want to say that only the Germans, Italians, Japanese, and Americans committed any and all crimes during WWII while other nation's soldiers were saints.

I understand your point was to illustrate that the victor declres who is a war criminal and who isn'. But it felt to me like you were saying that only the Soviets were guilty of rape on the Allied side. I'm fairly certain I've read somewhere that the Soviet soldiers may have committed the highest rate of rape on the Allied side. But I was trying to say that they weren't the only ones guilty of it.

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