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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2013 04:36 am
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  I have a hard time understanding your apparent contention that of all the Allied nations, it is only the Americans who are being condemned for criminal actions committed during WW II.

  Obviously, it was well known at the end of the war that the Russians had committed many atrocities during the drive into German territory. It was also known that they executed many of their own citizens who were returned to them by forced repatriation. Since then, it has been proven that the infamous massacre of thousands of Polish officers was done by the Russians and not the Germans.

  In the Pacific Theater, the conflict degenerated into a war of extermination. On the Allied side, questionable actions were covered up, often for decades, until people started talking. For example, there were instances when Allied (Not just American) pilots machinegunned shipwrecked Japanese survivors, which was against the Hague Convention of 1907. The rationale was that surviving Japanese soldiers and sailors might be rescued or reach land where they might then be able to fight against Allied soldiers.

  There were also instances when U.S. submarines surfaced after sinking Japanese ships and machinegunned survivors. One documented case involved the famous submarine USS WAHOO, commanded by Dudley "Mush" Morton.

Dudley W. Morton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  During the war, there was only one known case when a German U-boat crew murdered survivors of a sunken ship. The U-boat commander, Heinz-Wilhelm Eck, was declared a war criminal and executed by firing squad after the war.

Heinz-Wilhelm Eck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  After the war, the last Kriegsmarine Commander-in-Chief and head of state, Grand Admiral Karl Donitz, was arrested for war crimes. Donitz was tried mainly for conducting unrestricted submarine warfare against the Allies. In the end, Admiral Donitz was convicted of: "Waging aggressive war" and given a ten year sentence. It would certainly have been worse for him had not U.S. Admiral Chester Nimitz testified that the Americans had conducted unrestricted submarine warfare against the Japanese. - The Men - The Nuremberg Trials
  See: 3. Trial By Fire.

  My point was that those on the losing side were judged very differently from those on the winning side, who weren't judged at all. I certainly never said or implied that our Allies in WW II were innocent of committing war crimes. If you look deeply enough into the history of the war, you will be able to find actions committed by combatants of all the major Allied nations that would have been judged to have been war crimes if they had been done by those serving the Axis nations.

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