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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2013 04:19 pm
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TD, it's not exactly contention. It's listening to people who want to trash Americans, which includes some Americans, and ignore the fact that American soldiers weren't the only ones guilty of such crimes. And all the while I try to hold my tounge as they go on and on about how Americans were such vile people that they should have been tried for war crimes after the war. I've seen someone point out about the Soviets raping Germans and get told "Oh no, you're confusing Soviet soldiers with Americans." It's like my senior year in high school and having one of my classmates saying we now have the bomb so we should go and nuke everyone who was ever an enemy of the US off the face of the Earth. And the sad part was that he was serious about that.

I know Americans committed crimes during the war and I know soldiers from other Allied nations did so. So the US isn't the only guilty nation when it comes to having it's soldiers commit crimes. But those who simply want to trash or put down the US don't want to acknowledge that. They only want to attribute such things on the Allied side to Americans alone.

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