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 Posted: Mon Jun 17th, 2013 10:49 pm
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I'm gonna be honest here, TD, and say I haven't yet clicked a link. But do I remember correctly that the settlement was after Mrs. Lee' death?

On Custis Lee's potentially wanting all traces of the occupation gone I think that at the end of the war he might have wanted that. But by the time the settlement was completed I'd think that no matter how he would have felt that it probably no longer mattered beyond effectively being paid for the estate. You have to figure that the federal government had occupied the land for so long by the time of the settlement that there would likely always be a little anger over that and he probably also wouldn't want to be constantly reminded of that whenever he looked at Arlington House or the grounds.

What's most interesting is that she could have gotten the property back much sooner than her son go the payment for it. She did try paying the back taxes on it and the government refused to accept. That reminds me so much of Lee's citizenship papers going "missing" so he never regained his citizenship until over a hundred years after his death. I've never bought that whole missing bit, those papers were deliberately "misplaced" so as to punish him for his role in the war. And the refusal to accept the back taxes on the property was the same thing.

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