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  Its true that only four original Confederate half dollars were made in 1861. They were made on a hand press using silver half dollar planchets. The obverse was the original U.S. Seated Liberty design, and the reverse the: "Confederate Design."

  The original distribution of the coins was as follows: the first was given to CSA Secretary of the Treasury Christopher Memminger (Who apparently passed it on to Jefferson Davis). Another was given to a Professor Biddle of the University of Louisiana. Another was given to a Dr. Ames of New Orleans, and the last was given to Chief Coiner Dr. B.F. Taylor.
  Apparently, the last example is the only one known to exist today.

  J.W. Scott and Company made some metal tokens using the Confederate half dollar reverse and his own design on the obverse.
Confederate Coins  Confederate half dollar reverse and Scott token obverse shown.

  Five hundred genuine U.S. half dollars also found their way into the hands of J.W. Scott and Company. The reverses were planed down and restamped with the Confederate design. This restriking had a flattening effect on the obverses of the half dollars.

1861 Confederate Half Dollar - Scott Restrike


  In addition, there was the so-called: "Confederate Cent," which was the design of a Philadelphia engraver named Robert Lovett, Jr. The originals were hidden and never delivered to the CSA. Restrikes from the dies were later made by Captain John W. Haseltine. Both originals and restrikes from the unbroken dies are rare and valuable nowadays.

1861 Confederate Cent

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