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It's not just Virginians who made up the Legion, though they were the bulk of it. According to page 47 of the above PDF

Most of the Legion, circa 1780-82, were Virginians, and after that men from Maryland. But in addition to this, the unit had soldiers from Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, South Carolina, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

I was looking up a James Armstrong from Pennsylvania who served in the Legion but ran into a problems there. The James Armstrong I got is from Pennsylvania, which would seem a good sign. But it says he's often confused with others of the same name who served in the war On top of that his service in the war is as a medical officer. The PDF makes no comment about the Legion's Lt. James Armstrong being a doctor, it list a Matthew Irvine of Pennsylvania immediately before Armstrong and gives his position as Surgeon. That would seem to mean Armstrong was not the same James Armstrong who served as a doctor during the war.

However there is another noteworthy name I found. Sergeant Major John Champe who apparently was made a double agent tasked with the capture of Benedict Arnold.

Edit: Sorry, I meant to thank you for that link on John Forsyth Jr.

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