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 Posted: Fri Jul 12th, 2013 05:40 pm
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Well there is always the basic flash card method for starters. You'd pick some basic facts about generals and put a fact on one side and the generals name on the other and then hold up the fact and have the kids try to guess the name. So examples of such cards might be
  • Side 1: His horses included Lucy Long and Traveller Side 2: Robert E Lee
  • Side 1: He was known as Beast and Spoons Side 2: Benjamin Butler
  • Side 1: General Barnard Bee tried rallying his own men behind this man's troops by saying he stood like a stone wall Side 2: Stonewall Jackson
  • Side 1: He was known as Stonewall Side 2: Thomas J. Jackson
  • Side 1: He once boasted "My plans are perfect. May God have mercy on General Lee for I will have none." Side 2: Joseph Hooker
  • Side 1: Legend has it one name for prostitutes comes from the prostitutes who hung around this general's headquarters being called his ladies Side 2: Joseph Hooker

OR you have a name and picture on one side and which side they fought for on the other side.

Another method would be to play Jeopardy and have the kids come up with the questions and answers. Give them categories to come up with questions and answers in. Catagories might include
  • Northern Generals
  • Southern Generals
  • Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing)
  • Seven Days Battle
  • Political Generals
  • West Point Graduates
  • They Served in the Mexican-American War
  • Foreign Born Generals

Have the kids have to come up with a question and answer for each dollar amount for each category. Or instead of telling them what the categories will be tell them what possible categories will be and have them come up with five questions and answers for thirteen categories (six categories for the Jeopardy round, six for the Double Jeopardy round, and one for Final Jeopardy). Then when the time comes to play depending on the number of kids have them play as individuals or as teams. You take the all the questions for each dollar amount for each category, shuffle them, then put one in that dollar amount then play the game like you would play Jeopardy, throwing out the Daily Doubles. Give the kids something to play for, maybe the kid that wins the whole game gets a deck of civil war themed playing cards or the winning team gets a pizza party. (we actually did this my senior year of high school with WWII)

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