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 Posted: Sat Aug 3rd, 2013 01:28 am
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Hey all,
It's good to see the forum back! Looks like things are little slow so I'll get my 2 cents in.:P
We've been through about half of the 150th commemoration of the ACW. Unfortunately, I was not able to make G-Burg or visit Vicksburg. With those high points of the war anniversary done, what is "the next big thing" for the re-enactment crowd?
For me the 150th started off kinda slow. On my side of the world, it picked up with our Picacho Pass reenactment. Since then its been moving along fairly well and recently culminated with the historic G-Burg re-enactment.
I'm looking forward to some good events to carry us through this once-in-a-lifetime commemoration. :P

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