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 Posted: Wed Aug 28th, 2013 04:02 am
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  The south lost the war for many reasons, but they didn't include proclamations made by Jefferson Davis branding Union generals as felons. Nothing ever came of them.

   As for General Hunter, he wasn't a criminal for training soldiers. He was a criminal for stealing slaves and trying to impress them into the Union Army. (As the article I posted shows). He took it upon himself to exceed his own authority by issuing his own emancipation proclamation, just as General Fremont had done in the previous year. All of General Fremont's proclamations were voided by Mr. Lincoln. Likewise, General Hunter's actions were repudiated as being illegal. Mr. Lincoln did not say, in effect: "Shame on Jefferson Davis." He said, in effect: "Shame on David Hunter." And unlike what General Hunter chose to believe then and after, Mr. Lincoln did not secretly approve of his actions in 1862.

   You are right that this discussion is: "Silly," but we are only having it because YOU, as you have done several times before, have chosen to come on here with another set of incendiary attacks filled with a good deal of emotion, but few if any facts. You might have considered the CSA to be an: "Illegitimate government," but millions thought otherwise. The British would have said the same about the representatives of : "The United States of America" after those men made their Declaration 85 years earlier. But it all depends on who wins the war, doesn't it?

   As for John Brown, he would be called a : "Terrorist" today. He didn't simply try to free slaves (Which was a criminal act whether you liked the law or not), but he was a foul murderer who was responsible for stabbing and hacking five men to death in Kansas, among other notorious deeds.

John Brown and the Pottawatomie Killings

   I also believe that he personally shot and mortally wounded a US Marine during his raid on the arsenal at Harper's Ferry. There he was responsible for many other deaths.

   One term that you like to throw around on this forum is: "Southern hotheads." Well, I have seen hundreds of people posting on this forum, and I believe that few have exceeded you in the: "Hothead" department.

   I have no part in running this forum, and I have no authority to kick anyone off it. (Nor do I want such authority). But if you're going to engage in bomb throwing and screaming about: "Jefferson Davis and the rest of the southern traitors (Exclamation point)," don't be surprised if some here fire back.

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