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 Posted: Thu Aug 29th, 2013 01:41 am
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And how come it was ok for the New England states to twice consider secession? Twice they actually voted to do exactly tat and twice it was politics that kept them in the union. Or how about all Southerners and slavery? You say essentially that ALL Southerners were willing to secede to keep slavery. IF your state were today to be deciding to secede because of a federal ruling that was causing major computer and software companies to go overseas, and only about 10% of the population was wealthy because of those companies, would you be agreeable to d so just to make the rich richer? Most folks in the South couldn't afford slaves and most weren't agreeable to the idea of the rich getting richer. But they also weren't agreeable to being told how they could live. It's ironic how the Northern states wanted the South to live by the constitution but when they didn't agree with decisions carried out through the process laid out by the Constitution they then declared them null and void. Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Vermont, Connecticut, Michigan, Maine, and Rhode Island all decided to ignore the Constitution on the issue.

Was secession unavoidable? Unfortunately I have to say yes. The country wasn't a single culture, and it wasn't simply divided into slave and free states. It's more surprising there wasn't more secession than there was. Heck even California, or at least Southern California, was considering seceding at that time. Was secession a noble cause? I've never said one way, that is how you have read it. But ask yourself this, was it a noble cause for the colonies to secede from the British Empire in the 1770? Because that is EXACTLY what they did in the Revolution.

It's also ironic you bring up economy because guess what, the North was benefitting from slavery economically as much if not more than the Southern states.

Also do not presume anyone supports slavery if they choose to defend the South.

I apologize folks, the tone of my posts are a little too argumentative. I prefer a good debate but this is not the thread for this debate. Such threads already exist on these forums.

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