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 Posted: Sat Sep 14th, 2013 03:06 pm
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Peace. I made a mistake in the op that I just corrected: Green Dragon Tavern in Boston was the scene of one of the most famous Mason(47=M13+A1+S19+O+N14) Lodges(47=L12+O+D4+G7+E5+S19). The meeting that adjourned early and became the Boston Tea Party is probably the most important Masonic(74) meeting in history!

It took me many years to accumulate the data in the op. If one hasn't studied the Bible alot, hasn't studied history (American Revolution & Civil War), hasn't been initiated into the Ancient Mysteries (google that), and doesn't 'think mathematically', then it's going to 'go over their head'. But perhaps you're ready to grasp it?

Try reading it again. You might be able to imagine how many times I've thought about this in this lifetime and in my previous ones?

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