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 Posted: Tue Sep 17th, 2013 08:56 pm
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Brad Watson, Miami
imitating Lincoln all my life

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Texas Defender,

First, why "Texas Defender"? You're not defending Texas' actions in the Civil War, are you?

Lincoln made his decision to offer command of the Union Army to Lee on April 17 and Colonel Lee officially was asked at Blair House the next day.

Yes, like I said, the Virginia Legislature voted to secede on April 17 (it was subject to the ratification of the voters, which was done on 23 May).

Whether you are "inclined to try to verify all of the numbers written in my Post #1 on this thread" or not, they are correct, i.e. "74 generals in the Continental Army". I think you're just saying that because you don't know how else to attack facts that you don't like!

"To err is human, to repent divine, to persist devilish." - Benjamin Franklin

Mary Todd Lincoln was present at Mr. Lincoln's bedside when he died. Secretary of War Edwin Stanton had 'ordered' the hysterically crying First Lady from the bedroom into the parlor of the Petersen House, but once the President was declared dead, she ran into the bedroom. Mary, Robert & Tadd Lincoln were there.

The sources I've seen state that Rebel General J.E. Johnston did surrender his army to General W. T. Sherman on April 17. I'll check out your link of
Surrender Negotiations

Your trying to bend historical facts to confirm to your preconceived agenda is a huge(4) mistake(7)! Are you trying to deny that "4 score & 7 years ago our fathers" is not a direct reference to Genasis 16:16? Are you trying to deny that Lincoln was commonly known as "Father Abraham" to Northerners? Are you trying to deny that he was 'coincidentally' shot(47=S19+H8+O15+T20) on Good Friday, but didn't die that day?

Just what is your agenda? And you didn't answer; 'coincidences' or signs from GOD?

- I'm messin' with Texas

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