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 Posted: Thu Dec 7th, 2006 12:40 am
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Dan Sickels was quite an interesting character. Did he  the save the Union at the Battle of Gettysburg as he so stated till his death? Well probably not..But he sure did put a wrench into Bobby's plans for taking the Peach Orchard. Until Sickles moved forward it was ground for the taking and Bobby squarely had his eye on it for his artillary as to wreak havoc on Cemetery Ridge. We all blame Sickles for that move but keep in mind that 3 times he had sent courriors to Meade requesting permission to make the move. Sickles was not Meades favorite general by a long shot and chose to ignore his request with no returned orders, so Sickles took it upon himself to go to the higher ground in his front. Had Meade sent back word to Sickles to stay put instead of ignoring him things may have turned out different. I think Sickles had the right as a Corps commander to make a decision based on his position that he did not like. Too bad it was not a good one based on there was no support for his troops there. The Sickles monument at Gettysburg is a piece in itself..It was made to hold a bronze bust of him. Although to this day there is no bust there. The money raised for the bust 28,000 dollars seemed to disapear. The keeper of the trust money was good old Dan himself. He was so good at promoting himself he managed to get a Medal of Honor for Gettysburg. But all in all we have to give him due respect for making the move to make Gettysburg a National Park because he is the one that got the ball rolling. Was Dan insane...Yea like a fox.....


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