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 Posted: Tue Sep 17th, 2013 10:34 pm
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imitating Lincoln all my life

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Texas Defend this...

"On June 7 (1863), 1,500 Texans attacked a smaller force of black and white Union troops at Milliken's Bend, LA; it was the 1st important engagement in which black troops took part. "After it was over," a Union officer wrote, "many men were found dead with bayonet stabs, and others with their skulls broken open by butts of muskets." - p. 247-48, The Civil War, by Ward, Burns, (Ken) Burns(74=B2+U21+R18+N14+S19),

Google: President Lincoln decided to offer command of the Union Army to Colonel Lee on April 17, 1861. I'll look in my library. You're not questioning that Lee was offered command on April 18 at Blair House, correct?

Google: 74 generals Continental Army. "Revolutionary generals" is incorrect since that would include the British as well. I would be curious to see a list that does NOT have 74 generals.

Mary Todd Lincoln was at Mr. Lincoln's bedside right after he was pronounced dead. I'll change the wording in the op to reflect this.

Like I said, I'll follow the link re: the surrender of Johnston's army. If I need to change the wording to "surrender terms were first discussed on April 17th", I will.

You are quite WRONG about my not wanting to be historically accurate, but it was a good 'attack the messenger' ploy. I've presented some connect(74)ions in the op that was all by memory(74=M13+E5+M13+O+R18+Y25) and you have nitpicked a couple of minor wordings of facts, and have not mentioned once that I presented a shite-load of important data and Masonic(7,74) secrets* including GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th that you had never heard before! And you failed to acknowledge the main point(74=P16+O15+I9+N14+T20) of "4 score and 7 years ago, our fathers" referring to Genasis 16:16 (KJV). Had you ever heard that before?

*I'm not a Freemason, therefore, I've taken no oath to keep their secrets secret!

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