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 Posted: Tue Sep 17th, 2013 11:03 pm
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Brad Watson, Miami-

   It would be ridiculous to try to defend all of the actions taken by CSA soldiers during the war. There are many examples of soldiers on both sides who didn't follow the accepted rules of war as they were understood then or are now.

   We agree that Colonel Lee was offered command on 18 April 1861. But that was not on 17 April, or by Mr. Lincoln personally. You have not shown that Mr. Lincoln actually made the decision to make the offer, let alone that he made it on 17 April.

   As for generals in the Revolutionary War- okay, we'll specify the ones we want by using the term: "Continental." Again, feel free to present your list.

   We agree that your original statement about Mary Todd Lincoln being present in the room when Mr. Lincoln actually died was incorrect.

   We apparently agree that General Johnston's surrender did not take place on 17 April 1865. Some sources say that he and General Sherman first met on that day, but they were still discussing terms on 18 April. Here is a different source to document that.

NC Historic Sites - Bennett Place - Bennett Place       And another:

April 18, 1865 Agreement between Johnston and Sherman

   At any rate, the actual surrender took place on 26 April.

   You now say that you are interested in presenting historical facts accurately, but you then complain that I have: "Nitpicked" your inaccuracies. Well, you aren't the first on this forum to use the word: "Minor" when referring to the facts of historical events. But facts are facts and fictions are fictions, and they should be distinguished from each other.

   As for the : "Four score and seven years ago" being a connection to Genesis goes, perhaps it was. I do not know. But I've never seen any documentation of Mr. Lincoln stating that he consciously used his line to connect to it. I have never seen any documentation that anyone was ever told by Mr. Lincoln that he purposely wished to make that connection.

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