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 Posted: Wed Sep 18th, 2013 01:00 am
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Brad Watson, Miami-

   You ask me if I believe in coincidences. This seems to me a ridiculous question, since coincidences can sometimes occur. Do you believe that coincidences never occur?

  Regarding the offer of command given to Colonel Lee by Mr. Blair on 18 April 1861, I again present this source:

Lee Offered Command of the Union Army | Almost Chosen People

   If you read it, you will see the following: "The statement of Nicolay and Hay (Lincoln's personal secretaries) that Lincoln merely asked Blair to sound out Lee may be accepted as fact." This does not support your contention that Mr. Lincoln made a final decision to offer Lee the command on 17 April.

   It is suggested that Secretary of War Simon Cameron might have empowered Mr. Blair (Or led him to believe that he was empowered) to make the offer. There is this regarding Mr. Blair: "Naturally, in talking to Lee, when he found him cold to the proposal, Mr. Blair involved the greater name, that of the president, and left the impression on Lee's mind that the actual offer, which had come from Cameron, had originated with Lincoln." This also does not support your contention.

  The meeting with General Scott is discussed in Freeman.

Robert E. Lee (by Freeman) — Vol. I Chap. 25


    General Scott was very much interested in keeping Colonel Lee from leaving the US Army. If this source is correct, it was Colonel Lee who told General Scott what Mr. Blair had offered him. (Not General Scott making the offer to Lee). When Lee said that he could not draw his sword against Virginia, General Scott allegedly said that he feared that that was so, and that Lee was making the greatest mistake of his life.


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