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 Posted: Wed Sep 18th, 2013 12:34 pm
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Brad Watson, Miami
imitating Lincoln all my life

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Texas Defender,

You believing in coincidences seems to me a ridiculous answer, since There Are No Coincidences - there is synchronism, design and alignment. Generally speaking, those that believe in GOD have historically never believed in 'coincidences' and now science's chaos theory states that everything is connected, everything that occurs affects everything else. There is an appearance of randomness, but there are underlying patterns, fractals, initial(74) conditions, feedback loops, self-organization, and a 'butterfly effect'. Hence, GOD=7_4.

  Regarding the offer of command given to Colonel Lee by Mr. Blair on April 18, 1861...

"The only trustworthy account of what happened at that meeting was written in 1868 by Lee himself in a letter to Reverdy Johnson*, Maryland Senator and attorney. In it Lee said, 'I never intimated to anyone that I desired the command of the United States Army; nor did I ever have a conversation with but one gentleman, Mr. Francis Preston Blair, on the subject, which was at his invitation, and as I understood, at the instance of President Lincoln. After listening to his remarks, I declined the offer he made me, to take command of the army that was to be brought into the field.; stating, as candidly and as courteously as I could that, though opposed to secession and deprecating war, I could take no part in an invasion of the Southern states.'"
- p.125-6, Robert E. Lee - The Man and the Soldier by Philip Van Doren Stern (Bonanaza Books, 1963)

Lincoln was a master politician. General Winfield Scott and others advised the President that Lee was the best candidate to command the US Army. However, everyone was well aware of his being from Virginia's most prominent family and his plantation's slaves. Arlington House atop the hill across the Potomac could be seen from many parts of Washington City, including the Executive Mansion. After Ft. Sumter surrendered on April 14 ('coincidentally', Lincoln would be shot exactly four years later), everything was moving really fast. Lincoln decided on April 17 to offer Lee command of the Federal Army, however, he knew very well, that Lee might decline because of his allegiance to Virginia and the South. So Lincoln did NOT invite Lee to the Executive Mansion (officially renamed the White House by Teddy Roosevelt) to ask him directly. No, if Lee declined, that would be front page news in both the North and South and Lincoln would have 'egg on his face'. This is why Blair was chosen to present the President's offer at his house across the street from the Executive Mansion. I imagine that Blair had been instructed by Lincoln that if the Virginian Colonel accepted, that he was then to go across the street to meet directly with Lincoln and this great occasion might even have been photographed!

Synchronism: 9/18/13 07:36 "'Likely were coincidences' but now the life insurance case is being reopened" - Good Morning America, ABC

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