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 Posted: Thu Sep 19th, 2013 02:24 am
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   The language in the link that I provided seems very clear to me. Your attention is directed to Section I in the link below:

Abraham Lincoln and the Border States

   Section I begins: "Lincoln's border state policy blended several objectives. The first was to preserve or ESTABLISH (my caps) loyal governments in each of these states. (How Maryland became a : "Loyal" state is explained by the passage ending with Footnote 9)

   The first paragraph ends with this: "In devising his border state policy, as would be true later with his Reconstruction program, Lincoln always gave first priority to placing loyal men in control of the state government.".

   The first two paragraphs of that section explain his policy relative to assuring that citizens loyal to the Union ran the respective state governments. Mr. Lincoln did not have to personally select those citizens that would run the state governments. He only had to be assured that they were loyal to the Union and presumably would implement the policies that he favored, while suppressing those citizens whose loyalty might be to the other side.



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