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 Posted: Sat Sep 21st, 2013 05:04 pm
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Brad Watson, Miami
imitating Lincoln all my life

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Texas Defender wrote:
Brad Watson, Miami-

   I'm not surprised that you assign yourself the authority to announce when Judgment Day comes for others. If you had lived in the 1850s, you might have made a loyal follower of John Brown.

  I am quite content to have all of the members read your postings on the: "4 score" thread and on this one, as well as my postings, and decide for themselves which of us has gone over the edge.

Texas Def,

I did live in the 1850s; all our eternal souls pass through eternity through reincarnation and this has now been proven through the scientific method (including experimentation).

John Brown was the John the Baptist of his day. His actions heralded the return of the Christ.

I also invite everyone here to decide for themselves how someone could still be "defending" the evil actions taken by Texans in the Civil War?



Synchronism of GOD=7_4 or coincidence?

After yesterday's 2nd Round of the PGA Tour Championship, Zach Johnson was in 7th place and Dustin Johnson was in 4th place.

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