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 Posted: Sat Sep 21st, 2013 05:25 pm
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BradWatson, Miami-

   In today's world, John Brown would be known as a terrorist. I'm not surprised that he is a hero to you. He was the cause of dozens of deaths. Did John the Baptist hack people to death with broadswords?

   But, nevermind- I'll leave it to HankC to make you look even more foolish than you've already proven to be, if he wishes to.

   This is javal's forum, and if he wants to tolerate your mumbo jumbo here, that is his business, though it doesn't seem to be selling at all. But I can tell you for sure that you'll get no further responses from me.

    In the several years that I've been on this forum, I have communicated with over a hundred other members, and never had the need to use the Ignore Member feature before. Quite recently, I thought that another member would be the first subject I would use it on, but now that distinction belongs to you. So, spew on all you want. I won't be reading it.

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