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 Posted: Thu Dec 7th, 2006 03:20 pm
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General Meade was involved on the 2nd with suring up his  right flank as that is where he expected an attack to take place. Meade does have to take some blame here because as I stated Sickeles did not make the move before 3 attempts were made for permission to make the move from Meade. Meade chose to ignore his request totally until he realized Sickles had made the move on his own in which case

he now had to counter. The brunt of the attacks were not going to be made on Meades right flank but his left. Had not Meade reenforced Sickles because of the move Longstreets Corps may have had easy pickins rolling up Meades left flank.

Because of Sickles move Meade had to send troops there because he knew the position Sickles held was not a strong one and his troops were spread thin. With the reenforcements coming in to support Sickles it put a lot more troops on the left flank then Meade wanted there but it also saved that flank from disaster waiting to happen. Hence sickles claims he saved the day at Gettysburg because of the move since Meade had no intentions of suring up his left flank. I am not defending Sickles here I am stating the historical facts of how it went down. A good book to read for a

good study to what really happened at Gettysburg is "Last Chance for Victory"..

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