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 Posted: Sat Sep 28th, 2013 02:33 pm
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st helena-

  It is possible that it was the same person, because the data on the first Francis Joshua is contradictory. The first Francis Joshua was born about 1835 or about 1842, depending on which record you believe. The second was born about 1844. The first was described as Indian, and the second as Negro. The first was 5'8", and the second was 5'10". The first enlisted in Boston, and the second in NYC. The first was born on St. Helena, and the second on Long Island, NY. They seem to be different, but you have to allow for the possibility that they are the same if you believe that the first Francis Joshua was only 21 and not 26 when he signed up. If they are the same, then either there was some lying or some sloppy bookkeeping going on ( Or both). It seems unlikely that there were two different Francis Joshuas from St. Helena that were there.

  I would also state that the data for the "second" Francis Joshua makes no sense at all. I believe that a major screwup has happened with this record, and that this Francis Joshua was NEVER a Confederate sailor.

  The "second" Francis Joshua could not have served on the CSS ARKANSAS in 1865, because that ship was destroyed in 1862. He also would not have enlisted in the Confederate Navy in NYC in 1864.

CSS Arkansas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

   I believe that the second sailor served on the USS ARKANSAS in 1865, and that someone has confused a Confederate ship with a Union one. I would also point out that the USS ARKANSAS was decommissioned on 30 June 1865, which is the same date as one of the muster records attributed to the: "CSS ARKANSAS.".

USS Arkansas (1863) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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