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 Posted: Sun Sep 29th, 2013 02:14 am
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I'm wishing right now CWSSS had a option it doesn't seem to have, choosing to search for Confederate sailors and ships. I was checking it earlier. I found the data st Helena posted at the start of their initial post and then I tried four things. First I tried looking up the Wabash. Francis Joshua was not listed among it's crew. Then I tried the USS Arkansas. Again no mention of the name in the crew. Then I tried the Nantucket and his name was there. And finally I tried looking up by country and of course Francis Joshua was among the sailors from St. Helena listed.

Now we already know from the initial post that he served aboard the Nantucket But here's the rub, that was 1863 and 1864. Like TD said, there's a little bit of contradictory information in that first post. Namely his age. The first record in st helena's initial post has him enlisting aboard Wabash at age 21 in June 1863. But the second record has him born in 1835 and it appears enlisting in Boston in 1861 at age 26. If he's 21 in 1863 then his date of birth should be sometime in 1842. TD gives a reasoning for this discrepancy, but if this is the same person then what were they doing between Boston 1861 and Wabash 1863?

And what about USS Arkansas. As TD says, CSS Arkansas is gone after August 1862, so it has to be USS Arkansas. The Arkansas had a complement of 88, but the CWSSS lists 92 crew members. This makes sense as during the war ships would have likely had sailors come and go. Unfortunately some of the names are given two or more times (for instance Daniel Carroll is listed six times and while Edward Butterfield is listed twice). We eliminate multiple listings and not only will we be under 92 hits for the ship, we'll be under the compliment of 88. And even then we could have someone who was at one time a member of the crew who wasn't listed.

As I was typing this I looked up the USS Aroostook, again no mention of Francis Joshua. But as I was trying to say above, he could have served aboard the ship and CWSSS doesn't list him.

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