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For this next one I'm going to turn Arthur Myers' The Ghostly Register. The book is not really a ghost story book, it's broken down as more of investigations into locations that are supposed to be haunted, or were supposedly haunted.

In the late '60s a Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Cutler moved into a house in Gilsum, New Hampshire. Mr. Cutler had been a student at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire, which may have been important in what would happen. Almost as soon as the Cutler's moved into the house they discovered they weren't alone. They would hear heavy footsteps they could not explain, lights would turn on and off on their own, and objects would be moved for no apparent reason. Thinking their house might be haunted, they decided to have someone come in to investigate. From 1956 to 1966 one of the teachers at Keene State was Charles Hapgood, an anthropology teacher noted for his hypothesis on polar shift while teaching at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Hapgood had also worked for ten years with the medium Elwood Babbitt. Babbitt lived in Massachusetts

Though it doesn't mention it within the book, Cutler may either have known of Hapgood as he may have been one of his former students or as an alumni of Keene State he may have had relations with the school since graduating. In any case the Cutlers asked Hapgood to come to their house to investigate for the possibility of a haunting and see if he could exorcise the spirit. Hapgood's method of investigation was through automatic writing. Now for those not familiar with automatic writing, the basic idea is that you hold pencil or pen to paper and let spirits guide your writing.

In his initial investigation Hapgood discovered the ghost was the ghost was named George and that he had been there for a hundred years. The ghost admit that he would sit in the kitchen or on the steps to the cellar or the second floor. And that he wanted to move on but couldn't. At this point Hapgood called Babbitt into the investigation. The medium revealed that George was the spirit of a young man and that he appeared to be dressed in a Civil War uniform. Together they determined that George was too self-centered to pass on. The ghost admitted to praying daily to cross over and that he had even done everything he should have to pass over. This lead to Hapgood trying a little bit of paranormal psychotherapy, suggesting that the ghost leave the house and try to help other's in Gilsum. It was reported that George may have followed this advice as the ghost never appeared again.

On checking of the history of the house it was discovered that during the Civil War two Georges did live in the house, a father and his son. The son is believed to have been a soldier in the war and Hapgood believed he may have died, possibly in battle, during the war.

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