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 Posted: Thu Dec 7th, 2006 08:21 pm
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I really liked reading through this one.  Until recently, I was the only member of my family born below the M-D Line, which made for some interesting dinner conversations.

I'd like to add my own personal two cents in if I can.  I'd always classified a Lost-Causer as one who believed firmly that Slavery had Nothing to do with the Civil War.  To go a little farther on this single point, I also think this attitude has developed, whether initially I don't know, but in the "modern" context largly in reaction to a common Northern view that the Civil War was ONLY about Slavery.  From my own readings of the history of the time, I came away feeling that there was a cascade of issues, none of which by themselves would have precipitated a major conflict, but taken together did.  Slavery seemed to me to be the "last straw" or "Line in the Sand" to steal a phrase from Pres. Bush the Elder.  Various economic developments had conspired to make it the cornerstone of the Southern economy, so it became the trigger.  The Lost-Causers I have run up against normally ignore the trigger, but hit a ton of (but usually not all) the irritants...or come up with a few of their own.  I went to school up in the North (I could pass as a Pennsylvanian then) and a lot of my friends had grown up learning all about Slavery as the sole cause of the war and were genuinely surprised to find out that a LOT of things were argued about before the shindig got going in '61. 

About the flags, personally, I wouldn't fly the Battle Flag.  It is not that I in any way associate it with the hate groups, or need to explain it to people.  IT is simply that to fly it along side "Old Glory" would be inappropriate.  It was a military flag, not a political flag.  The BB or any of the nationals would be better suited there.  Besides, it depends on where you are which one you would have seen.  Here in the Richmond (Va) area, I see a lot of Army of Tennessee pattern or Naval Jack flags.  Only in the museums or at a renactment do I usually see the ANV Patter flag.  I find that somewhat humerous.  I take that normally to mean that people really don't know what they are doing.:?

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