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 Posted: Wed Oct 30th, 2013 11:10 pm
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A Tragedy's Second Act

I knew the Grants were supposed to attend and at the last minute bowed out. I seem to recall reading somewhere that Julia Grant had had a preminission and convinced him they shouldn't attend.

But I do find the deal with Major Rathbone and Mary Todd Lincoln an interesting coincidence. Both are for a time committed to an insane asylum/sanitarium. Both tried and failed to commit suicide. Both were in the box the night Lincoln died, of course both were in the box at the moment Booth shot him. Of course Rathbone's fiancée and future wife was there with them and she was killed by her husband almost twenty years later. I'd be interested to learn if other's in the box that night also were committed, at least for a month, to an insane asylum/sanitarium in the years following Lincoln's death, or if they even attempted to commit suicide. I don't mean just those there at the moment Booth shot Lincoln, but everyone that entered the box that night following the shooting. If you had a number of folks that fit that description, what would that mean?

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