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 Posted: Wed Nov 6th, 2013 06:38 pm
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On 09 February 1861, Jefferson Davis was in fact elected provisional president of the CSA. He took office on 18 February.

On 11 March 1861, a permanent CSA Constitution was adopted, and Mr. Davis remained the provisional president. On 06 November 1861, he ran for president without opposition. He received 97% of the vote and was officially elected for a six year term. His term actually ended on 05 May 1865, when the CSA Government was officially disbanded.

If Mr. Davis had not accepted the position as president, what he might have done for the CSA Government instead can only be speculated on. Since he had served as Secretary of War for the U.S. Government, he might have been considered for that job in the CSA Government. But I believe that he would have preferred a military commission.

There is no way that Mr. Davis would have been commissioned a full general in the CSA Army in 1861. Such appointments were made based on the officer's position in the Regular Army of the U.S. Mr. Davis never held high rank in the Regular Army. He led a regiment of volunteers in the Mexican War. After the war, he declined a position as BG in the Regular Army.

I would guess that Mr. Davis would have been satisfied to be made a MG in the CSA Army, and be given command of a division. I suspect that he would have proved competent to lead a division, and success at that level might have led to promotion and larger commands. But, of course, we'll never know for sure.

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