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 Posted: Tue Nov 12th, 2013 05:42 pm
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I don't know about that, TD. Seems more the Alligator would have been better off if someone who was more willing to accept an "infernal machine" had been in charge. Alligator was more of a special ops sub vs. Hunley being more of an attack sub. From what I've read the idea with Alligator was the method of attack was to have a basic airlock for a swimmer to exit the sub near to it's target, then swim over and plant a mine on the target. I'll have to check Ragan's book and the magazine I got just for the article on Alligator (can't remember if it was Blue and Grey, Civil War Times, or what the name of the magazine was), I don't think Davis's book mentions how Alligator was supposed to attack. But Alligator was in a situation where it was more about the folks operating it (not the crews but the Army and Navy brass) than the actual design. The real design flaw as I've read it would have been the oars for propulsion, which I recall were supposed to be eliminated. But it may have had an early oxygen scrubber which would have been ahead of it's time. The thing is thse in charge really didn't want to use the sub.

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