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 Posted: Fri Dec 8th, 2006 01:49 am
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Hello everyone, I've been spending time with the "First Lady of the Confederacy, Varina Davis's Civil War," by Joan E. Cashin. I must say, that although prior to reading this work, while I didn't have negative feelings towards Mrs. Davis, I wasn't much of a fan either. Now, I don't mind saying, I'm a Varina Davis admirer. A woman way ahead of her time, presented by Joan Cashin in a very well researched (with end notes) book that was entertaining as well as informative. More than once Ms. Cashin had me laughing out loud, and other times I had to take a break from reading in order to contemplate the weight of Varina's place in history. I never expected to enjoy this work so much. I picked it up thinking that it might be worthwhile learning a thing or two about Varina Davis, and came away an admirer, wanting to learn more about this incredible person who was the First Lady of the Confederacy. I highly recommend this one !

Regards, Dave Gorski

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