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Quote: General Meade sent his Army across the Rapidan on November 27 in
an attempt to turn Lee's right flank General Early moved his division toward
the wilderness leaving Pegram to defend Somerville Ford until relieved by
cavalry units, the gray clad troopers who arrived
later in the day and the new brigade commander marched his men rapidly
eastward when Pegram's men rejoined the division near Locust Grove. Early
place them in reserve behind mine run. Col. Skinner had the men construct

Two regiments were sent out as skirmishers. A stray round struck "Bent"
Coiner on the thigh but the thickness of his old cadet overcoat prevented a
serious wound. The young Lieut. described the action: We fought the
enemy standing in line until the men had exhausted their ammunition and
then we charged them and ran them." Finding the federals had retreated on
December 2, Lee sent his Army in pursuit but was unable to overtake them
before they recrossed the River. Pegram's brigade return to
Mine Run and spent the night and move back to Somerville Ford the next

Taken from the Virginia Regimental Series '52nd Virginia Infantry.

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