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 Posted: Fri Dec 8th, 2006 06:56 pm
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Teasip is not a compliment, it harkens back to the days when the poor farmer's kids went to A&M and the rich society kids (teasippers) went to texas university (tu).  In some ways today, the kids at A&M are as much teasippers as the genuine article.

Bevo got his name when A&M students captured the castrated bovine and branded the score of the previous A&M victory on to his hide (see a picture at )

The teasippers altered the brand to spell Bevo, the brand of a then popular near beer and that is how Bevo came to be called Bevo.  Two years later they had a barbecue after the game and the A&M and teasippers feasted on the carcass of the steer pictured in the link above.


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