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 Posted: Mon Dec 9th, 2013 04:22 am
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So the cake part was a failure but the frosting has potential.

Now I need to clarify the cake and frosting. The cake itself was a frozen pre-made yellow cake. I sliced this in half and put some of the mincemeat as a layer between the two halves then baked at 200F for thirty minutes as I didn't want to burn the cake, just thaw it and heat the mincemeat up. Unfortunately this was the mincemeat I discussed above (it does look to still be good, probably thanks to the high alcohol content). To be more precise I used the 10 oz. glass jar I filled three quarters full. I've had this cake thawed out before and it's not a terrible cake. Maybe the mincemeat could have used a higher temp, scratch that, it could have used a higher temp and to be baked for longer. But it at least was warmed up so it wasn't really greasy tasting. But unfortunately the problem was the alcohol content. Had this been a fruit cake that might not have been bad. But a plain yellow cake that if lit could probably serve as a makeshift tiki torch, let's just say the taste was less than pleasant.

But on the frosting. I took the remains of the 10oz jar and put them into a sauce pan then brought them to a boil on the stove for a few minutes. This may have boiled off the alcohol content, though I kinda doubt it. However I let it cool for about two or three minutes before adding about 8 oz. of Pilsbury Cream Cheese Frosting and mixing the two together. This liquidly substance was then poured into the frosting container (I had already used half the container in a recipe for pumpkin biscotti) and let it cool it the fridge. Once the cake was out and was cool enough to apply the frosting (only a few minutes as I wasn't that hot to begin with) I applied the still liquid frosting. I'd say it was about consistency of somewhere between maple syrup and molasses. With the cake covered I stuck it out on my nice, cold porch for about an hour before I tried it. The frosting was set by then. And the cream cheese and mincemeat combined flavor wasn't that bad.

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