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 Posted: Sun Dec 29th, 2013 01:24 am
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It's now been over a month since I made the mincemeat and the second quart has been sitting out in often below freezing temps. Finally got around trying to make a pie with it again, this time correcting some of my previous mistakes. I used half the quart instead of the full quart like I did the first time for starters. I also realized after I'd made the first one that I'd screwed up and not baked the crust before filling it like you're supposed to. Sue me, I don't make pies often enough that I stop and think about that with a store bought crust like I really should (but why do I think of it for homemade pie crust when I haven't once made a pie crust from scratch?). So I did bake the crust an let it cool before filling it. Because of how much alcohol was in the filling I tried boiling it off a little before baking the pie.

Last time I took a pairing knife and made four oval vent holes in the top crust then placed the cuttings as leafs on top of the crust in a cross pattern. It looked nice. My leaves didn't turn out quite so nice this time, the holes look more circular and only four of the eight I cut kept any kind of oval form. The bad ones I used in other places on the crust to deal with cracks.

Like last time I wrapped aluminum foil around the outer edge of the crust. I baked this time at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, 30 with the foil on and an 15 with it off. For the last 15 minutes I sprinkled on a little white sugar.

Unlike last time I decided to take some pics of the pie after it cooled to show folks.

Not a pretty pie. And you can see where some of those cracks were. But this time it's less likely to get you drunk off a slice. The alcohol wasn't completely boiled out so you still taste it, but it's not as powerful as before.

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