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 Posted: Fri Jan 3rd, 2014 03:47 am
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Your views strike home, Johan. I concur it must have haunted him, the noncommittal ennui of a wartime actor's existence. I also believe he was not active as spy or courier, let alone soldier, more so, one act of "bravery" might wash away the stain. He wanted Shakespearean ... was indeed crushed by the reviews. Yet who's to say even his narcissistic character may not have been overwhelmed, perhaps glimpsed a far-off light of repentance by the end?

I know this thread is about Booth's gun, but can you tell me why Payne's revolver would misfire, then fall to pieces during a pistol whipping? How many definitions are there for a "misfire" -- pull the trigger again? Could the piece be so badly damaged/fouled, or was it simply wielded with such violence it came apart? I thought that revolver had a reputation for reliability. Thanks much, old friend.

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